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Having had to deal with this...

If you REALLY want to solve the issue, set a few Victors or Sterlings, and carry a rifle loaded with .22 shorts.

Use fox/coyote/dog urine on a fence post/weed/whatever as an attractant. Heck, take your own dog with you, and where (s)he pees, set a trap.

The feral dogs step in a trap, and you shoot them between the eyes with the .22 short.

It's quiet, subtle, and very effective.

If you just want to do it for the heck of doing it, then go out and set up the caller and call them in. Or, set out baits that they'll clean up at night when you aren't watching. You'll get a few, but they'll get wise to your ways and then they'll be even harder for the next person to deal with.

And that's all I've got to say about that.

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