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Feral dog "hunting" questions

Some of our friends have had some of their smaller dogs attacked by a pack of wild dogs here lately. One of their whippets is at the vet right now, has his skull punctured, and probaly won't make it. It's supposedly a pack of 4 or 5 and all they could currently tell me is that they look like "wolves". I'm guessing just medium sized mutts. The neighbors have spotted them also and have lost some calves to them they believe.
My question is what would you bait them with? Would my electronic coyote calls work? I've hunted coyotes quite a bit and I've dispatched a few stray trouble animals before but never purposely tried to hunt dogs. Any tips or suggestions. They own 40 acres and I'm not sure about there neighbors. One of my friends lives across the black top with 100 acres and I can hunt there if needed. It's where I target shoot anyway. So I have a little bit of land to cover all with extreme willing permission. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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