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dont forget insurance.
local bussn. lic.
tax number
you can only do it out of your house if it is zoned for it.
one of the"?" is if you are going to sell to the public. I hear that if you say no they will not issue a lics.
good luck

no u don't have to creat a LLC.
There is no requirement for insurance.

You may not be able to get your local business license until you actually have FFL in hand (this was actually what happend with my county). The ATF gives you 30 days to get all local licenses after your FFL is issued. But get the ball rolling before it shows up, in case there are any unforseen problems that could cause a delay.

Even if your house can not be used for retail sales, you may be able to do internet/mail order from your house. This is ok with the ATF, and it will give you, your FFL until you can move to your retail location.

The question is not are your going to sell to the public, the actual question is "are you going to be selling firearms to make a profit?". If you are not a business trying to make a profit you will not get an FFL. They want to avoid collectors get licenses to increase their personal collection. But there is also no requirment on how much of a profit or how many sales you need to make in 3 years (license length). So essentially your answer is "Yes I am starting this business to make a profit".
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