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There are so many facts missing in this story that to debate what happened seems a bit silly. Almost all arguments are assuming, as they say, facts not in evidence. As long as it is okay to do so, I've come up with the real truth of what happened by assuming my own facts not in evidence...

The dead guy (Subject A) was strolling along the street when he saw the homeowner's brother (Subject B) committing a violent felony against a little old lady. Subject A yelled and Subject B ran. Subject A, being full of honor and principle, pursued and watched Subject B enter a dwelling. Feeling that he had to make the citizen's arrest, Subject A kicked in the door whereupon he was met by Subject B and his brother, the home's owner (Subject C).

Realizing he was outmatched, Subject A fled whereupon Subjects B and C pursued, Subject B grabbing a gun as they left the house. As Subjects B and C caught up with Subject A, Subject B pointed the gun at him. Although Subject A attempted to draw his own legally carried concealed weapon, he was unsuccessful and Subject B shot him to death.

While waiting for the police, Subjects B and C concocted the story that is now being accepted as fact despite any independent proof.

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