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It was probably not the right idea chasing the guy down since they already knew who he was. It also seems odd because he didn't even have any of their property with him so what was the motivation nothing could have been gained? I speculate that there is some kind of back story to all this, perhaps its drug/gang related or even a long time feud. People generally don't try to kick down the door of someones house they know while armed. Too bad we don't have more info
There are rumors from the comments on the story that he took a gun from their house. This adds even more confusion as supposedly he kicked down the door and found them home and took off. If so how did he get the gun with them in there? The reason he broke in was to get the gun and go back to the jbar that he had been kicked out of to show them who was tougher. He knew they had a gun and where it was. As I say lots of holes in this story.
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