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Update on Customer Service

Called both S&W and Cor-Bon today.

At S&W, received an automated message saying they had a very high caller volume, please call back later or leave a voicemail. I opted for voicemail; the message said they would call me back today, but that didn't happen. As of yet, no word from S&W.

However, when I called Cor-Bon, I was connected to a tech sales guy named Ross. Ross immediately offered to set up UPS shipping to send the revolver to Cor-Bon, for repair and replacement of parts as required. Due to inability to coordinate times directly with UPS, because I work on a base and the lady is taking BSN pre-reqs, we will send the revolver ourselves. We couldn't guarantee anybody would be home for pickup.

In any case, Cor-Bon has indicated that they will do whatever is necessary. So far, I have only good things to say about their customer service. Will update when I get their prognosis, which will probably take a few days.
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