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Black bakers v. White bakers!

First, an apology. I've read about four books about the Civil War, and only one of them had anything to offer for this column. It is posted above. Since then, I haven't been finding anything. Presently, I'm reading a book on the Austro-Prussian War.

Now, onto our topic of black bakers versus white bakers. First, this is not a race riot as one might think. Rather, it is between baking guilds, as explained in the snippet below:

Königswalde, Neumark 1760

The third revolt, which resulted from the pride in their trade of the guilds, occurred in 1760 when the two corps under Prince Henry and Generallieutenantvon der Goltz combined in the Neumark. The Feldkriegscommissariat ordered that the bakeries of both corps be combined at Königswalde. The Silesian bakers of the von der Goltz corps, who were white bread bakers, refused to work with the Prussian bakers of Prince Henry`s corps, on the grounds that they were only black bread bakers, and were therefore beneath them. The Silesian bakers considered the order from the Feldkriegscommissariat so insulting to their pride as bakers, and the bitterness between the two groups was such, that the only solution was to keep the two groups separate, and there were duly two bakeries outside the town, on opposite sides of it.
I had decided to relax and go fishing for Seven Wars info. The link is Here
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