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You know, it's funny...

... that Tom Servo posted this thread, because I keep thinking my barrel reminds me of Crow on MST3K....

But anyway, I tried to call S&W and Cor-Bon yesterday, but both customer service departments were closed for the holiday weekend. Will try them again on Monday, and will let you know how they respond. I've been advised by others that Cor-Bon has a sterling reputation for customer support, and that it's very likely they will pay for repair. I've used Cor-Bon in my Sigs for years without problem, and it is not my intention to badmouth their product over one bad lot. We'll see how this pans out.

Intend to send the revolver to S&W for new barrel, but thinking I may go with a heavier barrel. Wouldn't have prevented this problem, but I'm just thinking in terms of recoil vs carry weight. I use thick leather or else military nylon rigger's belts, with Simply Rugged pancakes, so weight isn't much of an issue. If it's more expensive to go with a different barrel, I plan to eat the difference in cost, assuming Cor-Bon does in fact pay for the basic repairs. I do not intend to make money from this incident, especially since if I had recognized the squib immediately, I could have possibly solved the problem with a brass rod and mallet.

Not sure if S&W will have any blue 4" or 5" barrels in stock, though.

While it's there, intend to have S&W check cylinder, cone, and timing, too.

At this time, the cylinder is locked, and can neither be opened nor rotated. Empties from the mishap are locked in the cylinder, as well as one live round.
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