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I'd love to get out there for another course, but it probably won't be on my calendar

I will give you a piece of advice though. Get a good "kidney belt" before you go, and wear it all weekend. You can find one at any off road motorcycle shop. It's a very wide elastic band that wraps around you, just below the rib cage.


Many of the rifle drills are "drop to prone & fire". The first time I took the rifle class (10 years ago & I still thought I was 18 years old, LOL), I was *always* the first shot off on *every* drill. I had elbow & knee pads & I was not going to settle for being "first loser" in a gunfight. From standing w/rifle slung on shoulder to prone shot taken, 1.5 seconds is a respectable time (though three seconds will get you by). I was beating that time (1.5 seconds) so far that anyone just under it would never have seen their sights or touched their trigger before they were dead (about 1/2 of the class was barely starting to stoop down when my shot went off). The price that I paid was heavy. Not sure if I finished the class with a ruptured spleen or just severely bruised internal organs. I was incapacitated for over a week, I seriously thought I was gonna die. The only thing that even came close was the ONE time that I rode an 80 mile desert race after leaving my kidney belt at home, & I'd do that every weekend for the rest of my life before I'd take another rifle class without the belt.

But, if you're not concerned with speed & don't mind taking 3-5 seconds (or more) to get into firing position, take the class without the belt, it will still be a blast
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