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One person stated that the BG backed down after cocking the hammer,and that is a good answer.
I don't think it is a good answer. The guy was lucky. Very lucky.

As was I, 41 years ago, when I cocked a revolver that I had aimed at someone who had gained entrance into my rented cabin at night in Colorado. Fortunately--very fortunately--things turned out OK.

Cocking a revolver is OK for hunting and target shooting, but not for personal defense.

My question isn't personal to me and the fact that people are questioning my experience for asking others what they would do is strange to me.
Don't take it that way. This is a very serious subject. You can't afford to learn what you should have done if you were wrong.

The required eight hour training class I took last year for the CCW permit covered a lot of subjects. About four hours were devoted to legal issues.

The subject of cocking a revolver was addressed. I had never even considered the question and in a home invasion situation would probably have cocked the gun.

So was the issue of what to do when a perp is in the house (ans: let the perp come to you). I would most certainly have gone to find the guy.

Find out what training is available in your area and take it.

You won't regret it.
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