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small game big gun FYI

I once popped the head off of a stupid chicken (Spruce Grouse) with my .338 RUM at ≈ 30 yds and damaged zero meat. Of course that isn't the norm for me but... It was a slow day bear hunting. Anyhow, like an earlier poster said, if you carry a medium - large bore rifle and you're really hungry, aint no reason you can't take small game.

Although I chose my 30-06 Springfield (Tika Lite Stainless/Leupold Ultra light scope) because it's light and I'm accurate with it beyond 300 yds;

my Marlin 1895 GS 45-70 Government is a close second because it is so durn handy+lightweight and is good to 200 yds with a little less precision of course (ghost ring sights).

I would also consider a battle rifle in carbine form... LE, M1A etc. so long as it were 30 cal.

Finally, as an earlier poster said, a 12 gauge with several kinds of ammo would really be my top choice, but this is a rifle thread so... 30-06 Springfield it is.

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