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Why is it the old members that make assumptions and try to start the arguing? ... says Smartwhois

I'm old! (Whippersnapper!)

This has yet to be stated, hunting small game is ideal for food because if oyu (sic) take down a moose and have less than 10 people to feed, the meat will rot. The .308 will literally destroy any small game you shoot. However, if the hide or bones of big game is needed, the kill can easily be accomplished with a .223 placed right behind the shoulder or in the head. As many veterans will testify, shot placement is faaar more important than power.... says DanThaMan
Why can't I put a headshot on the small game with the 308 just as you would on larger game with the 223? Would that quell your concerns about destroying the small game? Granted, a good hit on a 3" target with a 308 would be more difficult than on a 8" target with a 223...

B'sides, one of the variables which hasn't been interjected in the discussion is choice of bullets. Bullet choice might have somewhat of an equalizing effect in this discussion. There are "explosive" varmint bullets, FMJ bullets, monolithic solids, soft point expanding bullets... surely one could select the proper bullet for this exercise? Use a FMJ on headshots on small game, and the proper bullet choice for other situations which present themselves.

I wouldn't feel defenseless with the 223, but where it shines (IMO) is in automatic rifles because it doesn't tend to deflect the muzzle due to accumulated recoil. But I can't legally have an automatic rifle, so for my purposes, and the purposes of the OC's question, the 308 in perhaps a SLR would be a better choice.
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