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Another Update..........

We seem to have gone full circle here on handgun selection for the quick access safe.

She initially chose the P90 based on trigger feel alone. A couple weeks ago while on vacation we spent some time at a gun range (HER IDEA!!!, I couldn't believe it) with several of my toys. She did not like the recoil of the P90. It just doesn't fit her hand well and because of that the recoil was beating her up a bit. She also said that with brass flying while she was shooting there was just "too much going on at once."

On to the revolvers........

She spent about an hour (and a boat load of ammo) with my SP101 4" .22LR. She really enjoyed shooting it (and my 22/45, but she like the wheelgun better). She then shot the GP100 and my 2.25" SP101. She did great with both but the GP100's grip was just a bit too large for her hands.

In discussion afterward she asked that I move the P90 out of the quick access safe and put a revolver in there for her instead. I asked her to pick one and she picked the SP101...........oops..........that's MY favorite carry gun............uhoh......... But being the loving, dutiful husband that I am, it went in the safe........

Fast forward a week and long story short, another SP101 (this one a 3" .357) joined our family on Friday. We haven't been back to the range with it yet, but she's been dryfiring it (as have I). It's got a pretty good trigger out of the box, better than previous examples. I'll have it set up soon with a meprolight front night sight for her and we'll make a return trip to the range.

This 3" .357 will be loaded with 125 gr. .38+P JHP's or 158 gr LSWCHP's and stashed for her.
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