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Living in Australia the .303 Enfield has been our nations military rifle over two world wars, Korea and some dozens of small wars after WW2. The Enfield in various configurations have been the farmer and hunters companion in this country for nearly a century, our familiarity with the Enfield design and the caliber make it for me an easy choice.

The .303 can do anything I want of it, is an excellent hunting round, a superb anti personnel cal as is proven by history and I love the smooth action, 10 round magazine and overall aesthetics. Apart from that I own and collect Enfield rifles and have quite a few on hand - they'll take a bayonet from the No1 right up to the No5 Mk1 and are very rugged and proven to continue to feed under muddy or dirty conditions. I like the .308 but I prefer the .303.

I have posted this numerous times but it illustrates my preference ... this was a single shot from an iron sighted No5 Mk1 in the Aussie outback. When I think of a rifle I'd want to carry on my back, I think outback, then I think No5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine.

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