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one I won't recommend

I've got a Tasco red-dot on my NEOS. It's pretty much the same as any other cheaply-made (under $50) red dot you'll see - only the name is different. It's shockingly hard to zero, and the attachment screws won't stay tight-I've got to tighten them every other mag or so. I suppose I can use loc-tite on the threads, but the whole thing just feels cheap.
I think this sight might work well on my kids' pellet gun.
I do like how the weight of the sight balances the pistol (it's a 6" barrel), and I like red-dot sights - I didn't at first, but after extensively using them on my M4 in the big sandbox, I came to like them a lot. I'll be getting something nicer as soon as I can!

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