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Actually, he asks a good question ... for another thread.

(That's a hint, y'all.)

... if truly reliable distance stunners were around, would the moral person use them instead of the potentially lethal rounds we use?
OK, sorry Pax and Glenn, I didn't notice that Glenn was talking about actual real world tazers. I just logged on after a three hour absence from that thread (where some pretty serious and heavy discussions were taking place); and a quick perusal of the latest posts talked about filliboobing(sounds embarrassing), phasers on stun, and something about aliens. I thought I was in the new off topic forum at first.

Nope, no tazer for me, don't trust it. I'm not a big guy, can't deal with an enraged thug. I'll stick to a good blaster at my side. Preferably in 12 gauge. At least until my Klingon Disruptor gets here.
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