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About The Taser VS a Weapon


Actually, he asks a good question ... for another thread.

Many years ago in my youth I took on 3 guys at the top of a stair case,

The firsts one went down before he even knew what the hell happen, I stuck a 500,000 Volt Stun Gun In His throat & Addam's Apple & Zapped him for about 2 senconds "Right In His Throat & Adams Adams,

It litterly drop him like a 100 pound sake of potatos down the full flight of stairs ass over tea ketcal

When I finnised with the other 2 & got them back out of the house, They had to pick ther fellow co-hort up & carry him out the door,

"Because He Was "Seriously Still Twiching"

I have many none leathal weapons that I keep in my truck is some thing should happen when I am on the road!

But seiuosly Guy, If he is "approaching you "with a ANY Form Of A Weapon, & It very clear verbally or other wize that aims to hurt or kill you & your loved ones!

The last thing that you should be reaching for! Is a Taser!

You & Your Family & Loved Ones "Are In Danger"

In this type case, the only thing that you should be grabbing for

"IS YOUR GUN"! & Then Just Double Tap His Ass!

& You Send Him Straight To HELL!

(That's a hint, y'all.)

... if truly reliable distance stunners were around, would the moral person use them instead of the potentially lethal rounds we use?

Okay, PAX, I will bite!
How many would consider a full genuine TAZER a viable means of SD/HD? I ain't talking no flea market stun gun but a real pro tazer or at least the wire feed unit sold for civvie use.
I personally would not as it is unable to engage multiple targets and is not a sure thing if someone is wearing a fluffy coat or leather gear which are both realistic clothing issues I use in choosing defensive weapons.
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