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Army clothing - some things don't change

I'm reading another regimental history, this time of the 49th Massacusetts.

It is an amusing and perplexing business, that of fitting the boys. We give to each captain so many of each article of clothing, and he distributes them according to the men's sizes and the marks on the clothes. It not unfrequently happens that "ones" are marked "four," and fours "one." To exchange with the quartermaster is their fancied relief. Sometimes a little fellow will come with dress-coat too large for an overcoat for him, and with pantaloons so long one way as to render a vest unncessary, and the other way presenting a double thickness almost to his knees. Agrain, some giant clothed in Lilliputian raiment, willmake his appearance, the sleeves of his coat near his elbows, while his pantaloons look as if to defunct short-clothes of our fathers had had a ressurection. Motion with him is scarce possible, while the manual of arms or the "double-quick" would be sure to result in an extravagent expenditure of Uncle Sam's toggery. The dwarf and the giant exchange clothes to their mutual comfort and improvement."
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