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The Weaver "T" series target scopes are Excellent

old Sneaky Pete here: I switched from a Variable 8X32X44 to a Weaver "T"-36X40 for <$400.00 which is about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of a Nightforce and besides the "Marketing" appeal I can't see the reason to spend that much more for a scope. The Weaver has a "Lifetime" Warranty, is made using Japanese optics and when I "Boxed" the scope it came right back to my Zero and commenced to shoot sub-1/2MOA 10 shot groups -supported. It has 1/8MOA adjustments and an 1/8 MOA dot redicle--BUT it also comes W/a fine wire redicle. I have found that SOME Variable scopes SOMETIMES have optical problems at the HI-end powers--I found that I preferred using 24X on that 8X32X44 CUZ the picture was clearer than it was @ 32X( extra lenses and moving parts). Weaver makes really good scope but it doesn't have the "Market" appeal that some other Name-Brands do.. THANX--SNEAKY
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