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I know quite a few expert trainers that would not hesitate to go out there and take whatever measures necessary to take this low life off the steets. I would be very happy to refer them if you so desire. These people are not just "expert trainers" they are warriors. Kind of makes the "expert trainers" argument moot doesn't it?
Not at all. Ya missed the point.

What you say a "warrior" would do is moot--thought I doubt your claim.

The comment was that expert trainers advise against it.

Usually, the advice includes both legal aspects and tactical aspects.

Referring to Suarez, he says that combat is something to be avoided if you can. Not that anyone reasonable has yet advocated going outside for the purpose of entering into combat (illegal everywhere), but has he ever recommended that a single person not sworn to enforce the law go outside alone to deal with a perp in the dark?

Do LEOs do that in non-emergency situations? Where I live they always come in twos or threes.
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