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Thinking outside the box

Originally Posted by Trooper Tyree
I have a Daisy BB pistol, chrome, can't tell it's not real at night. I'd walk up to the door opposite him, open door, toss it inside to the floorboard or seat beside him. Grunt "throwaway gun". Slam the door. Walk around to the other side, pull my piece and wait.

Note I'm not advocating throwaway guns or giving him a fake gun so you can shoot him. Not at all. We're just thinking outside the box.

What I am doing is guessing that someone cool enough to know that you can't shoot them for what they are doing, will know that the situation dynamics have changed dramatically now that they think I put a gun in the car with them. They will know that from the legal standpoint, you can shoot an armed robber. I'd expect them to get a whole lot more cooperative in a hurry.

They might ask to give themselves up, they might bolt and take off, or they might toss the gun out the window and tell you to quit interrupting them you're disturbing their concentration. If you have the right persona though, you could throw them off their game.
For a good ole Southern boy who's mama didn't raise him to be makin' guesses in front of Yankee Captains, that's pretty good thinking Tyree.

A little psy-ops to play with his mind. If he tosses the gun out the car you could always mutter "Good. Fingerprints." to keep him wondering.
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