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All these shootings lately:

Its starting to get to me a little when I read about all these shootings lately. In most every single case, the bad guy who gets shot ends up being the "victim" for some reason. In not one of these incidences did I see or read where the good guys started ANYTHING. They were minding their own business (either working or at home) and the thugs either came in brandishing a weapon and making threats or came on the personal property of the "real victim" and somehow threatend them, etc.

Sure, maybe the good guys sometimes over reacted but none of us where there and in "their shoes" at the time. Also, who is to say that they really over reacted anyway. We know what we read in the paper or see on some video that is not 100% totally convincing. Sometimes just calling the police (as a lot of you have suggested) is not always the best solution. Especially if law enforecement is a long ways off at the time or location.

Bottom line: If you start something and/or engage in a criminal activity against law abiding citizens, "then you will have to face the consequences for your actions and decisions", Period!
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