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Originally Posted by Michael Anthony
We've seen too many situations develop into "self defense" scenarios when I would like to see what would have happened if the "victim" just called the police and kept watching TV. I would expect and respect him telling the guy to get lost the first time, but when its clear he isn't listening, why not call for help and finish your dinner?
Do you have much experience with crack users or meth users? Unpredictable bunch. I would never, as you said, "just called the police and kept watching TV" or finishing my dinner.

Perhaps your "gist" was to just dial 911 and wait for the infantry to arrive. The problem is that when some of these folks feel "wronged", they can go to great lengths to get even. Including throwing things through your windows or setting fire to your house. I suspect it's likely he accused the older man of "stealing" his crack pipe and made threats about getting it back, but that is only supposition.
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