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this needs to be addressed. I do not disagree with his opinion on a lot of things but WA needs to bring it down a little. I am tired of a difference of opinion turning into tense conversation because WA busted onto the scene.
Thats what the report post button is for. I wont respond to the rest of your childishness, except as to note that if you cant stand the heat in the kitchen, don't plug in the waffle iron

Seriously Ken, what's your definition of a "good shoot"? You sit there and defend the tweeker while calling foul on the homeowner who was defending his property.
For the record, where I have I defended the decedant.......and calling him a tweaker based on the shooters allegation that he "found" a crack pipe is a bit much at this point....

Now...Defending his property? Where do you see that? He had a confrontation with a teenager and when the teenager came back, he CHOSE to escalate the situation by introducing a gun and coming out to confront the kid, when he could have called 911...he had no biz going out with a gun on a trespass!

This fella had every reason to feel his life was in danger.
really? Got some facts to support that?

This guy was well within his rights according to the law.
was he? Got some facts to support that?

I seriously doubt he WANTED to take a life and I seriously doubt that he was thumping his chest afterwards.
Now some facts to support that? On the other hand, can we infer that by coming out with a gun against (as we understand it) an unarmed teenager he wanted to do a bit more than stroke the kids the article (FWIW) carefully by the way as to the psychosocial circumstances in that neighborhood

One less criminal to "rehabilitate" were doing Ok until you pulled off the mask...

Sorry sport, I don't consider good shoots to be looking to go out and start confrontations while armed and then gunning down unarmed have a gun, you are the one who is responsible for its use...thats an awesome responsibility that demands circumspection, maturity and being man enough to back down..

Thas right boys and girls...REAL MEN have enough confidence in themselves and enough honour to back down, to turn the other cheek if necessary...

Some of y'all need to stop staring so hard into the abyss.....

Lots of lives at stake, including your aint white hats, black hats and high noon

WildandifimpissingyouoffowellatleastyouarethinkingaboutitAlaska TM

PS I hope that some of you never have to experience the heartbreak of your little Johnny playing teenage mailbox busting and having some codger blow him away over it...never mind, mailbox busters are criminals, evil and deserve to die....especially in Texas
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