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Maybe you are confused? I'm not discussing upsides. The scenario we were discussing before we got off topic was this man that was protecting his home against a criminal and a druggie. The criminal not only refused to leave, he made a move on the homeowner. A fatal mistake. I fail to comprehend where the homeowner was at fault.
I'm not confused. You clearly stated you would rather enter into a confrontation where you could be killed rather than appear to be a coward. I ask again, what is the upside to going into a confrontation and getting killed rather than avoiding that confrontation. I didn't really expect an answer and I wasn't disappointed.

If you cannot comprehend that it is better for an ill 69 year old man to avoid a confrontation with a known drug user by staying in his home and calling the police as opposed to voluntarily entering into a confrontation where he was forced to kill, I can't explain it to you. But I will ask this - what benefit did the shooter get from confronting and killing the BG?
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