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you cannot be sued in civil court.
NO. The judge SHOULD throw out the case at the first hearing or whatever, after you have spent several thousand dollars, or possibly more, preparing for that first hearing. I can sue anyone for absolutely anything in civil court. I can sue anyone in this thread for causing em distress with their posts and a judge is going to take a look at it before it is tossed.
You can show up and hope the judge tosses the case, but if he doesn't, for whatever reason, and you haven't paid an attorney, who is banking on the judge throwing the case out as the case is a loser if it goes to trial, you are screwed b/c no one worth a darn is taking the case at that point. Just the discovery documents are going to run you a tidy sum and I am pretty sure every court is going to require discovery before the judge will throw it out(I believe this is where you officially introduce the criminal outcome and point to the statute offering protection). It has been a while since I took a law class though, and it wasn't all that in depth to begin with..
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