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At Jacques Little's private tank musem, our guide told us the tank has to be demilitarized. Part of the breechface must be machined away so as to render the gun unsafe to fire. The armor must be compromised so a huge chunk of a turret is cut out. It may be rewelded on, but its integrity would not be there if left alone. I was told when the T-72 was imported, it was only about $5k for the tank but $15k for the freight.
Awwww. Oh, well. I knew you could own a tank and own cannon, but I wasn't sure about the legality of re-activating the gun on the tank...but they screw up the armor? That's...just annoying.

As for armored cars, I'd want a BRDM. Those are pretty agile, but still give decent protectiion. And there's the NPC protection, and I'd like to reactivate the smoke launchers!
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