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I cannot think of any more descriptive a term than "evil" to describe the notion of stealing from another.
The 9 year old that steals a candy bar. The starving children who glean the stalks from the field. The homeless alcoholic who finds a wallet and keeps the money.

All evil?

They are the sign of a more enlightened state wherein one is not obligated to shrink from aggressors but may freely defend himself and his property.
Really? Studied up on the history of the castle doctrine have you? recent development in the more civilized law?

I hold the right to own property to be as sacred as my right to defend my life, and consider anyone who would decide to steal it as evil. Yes indeedy.
Ergo, death is a justifiable to protect your property. The evil toddler that wanders over to your house and steals an apple should be shot? As burgeoning evil?

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