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I have a real problem with the idea that things can be labeled with such base terms as "evil" in the first place. I especially have issues with the term "evildoers" since it is nothing but a manipulative word used to demonize and dehumanize. Is a man who steals to feed his starving child "evil?" I also have issue with the idea that anyone would feel that they are somehow endowed with a duty to "remove" said "evil" from the world.
Let me see if I have this correct. Property doesn't belong to me if someone else decides he needs it more? The right to own property is superseded by someone else's desire to illegally take it from me? Absurd, and repugnant to me. I hold the right to own property to be as sacred as my right to defend my life, and consider anyone who would decide to steal it as evil. Yes indeedy.
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