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Howdy from Texas!

I just recently joined this site. I am a lurker on this site, and several other firearm and NFA sites. I will continue to be a lurker, so don't expect a high post count from me.

I'm a life-long firearm enthusiast. I still have the first gun my Dad (may he rest in peace) gave me 41 years ago (NIB S&W Model 41), when I was in grade school. I have a FEW more now. More than a cache or arsenal, but less than an armory. I have an exact count on my Title II stuff, since these have forms I have to keep track of; the Title I stuff, I don't honestly know. I don't have a cracked foundation, so my ammo supply is obviously insufficient.

I pay for my addiction through a scam I call Human Carpentry. Fortunately, most of my patients know I'm a firearm enthusiast ("gun nut" always sounded derogatory to me), since I have a sign in my waiting room that encourages concealed carry. I haven't ever bartered Orthopedic Surgery in exchange for a new firearm (yet), so I guess I'm still in control of my addiction.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity on this forum to sit in the corner quietly, and learn.

dhowie from the Houston area of Texas.
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