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Originally Posted by MLeake
However, the right to due process of law involves the individual's interaction with the government, not with other individuals. Constitutional arguments don't directly apply here.
A good point, but I think the argument can be made that they do apply indirectly: as citizens, we have a responsibility to support the rule of law, the basis of which, in this country, is the Constitution. And the application is direct in some cases, at least: it's possible to bring a civil rights lawsuit against an individual in cases of housing or employment discrimination, for example.

Originally Posted by Wildalaska
One can posit that due process of law under a framework of rights is a natural evolution from the civilization of interpersonal relationships and the evolutionary mental development of homo sapiens sapiens.
Government in general is exactly that. Humans chose to have governments, and laws, as a better alternative to the whole unregulated-bloodlust, "nature-red-in-tooth-and-claw" thing. It's a pity we need them, but apparently we do...
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