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Increased Interest

Greetings to everyone.

I've been shooting other peoples guns for quite a few years. A couple years ago I bought myself a Glock 22C and just a few months ago a Rock River Government model. When I got the rifle I thought I'd validate all the shooting by getting into reloading.

Spent weeks hunting for a press and did a bunch of research and starting trying to purchase, couldn't find anything I wanted and ended up buying a LoadMaster which appears to be still quite available at high quantity for quite cheap. Then drove all over to trying and scrape together supplies only to find primers just don't seem to exist. Finally found 1,000 but am hoping things get better fairly soon. A guns gotta eat.

Having a few problems with the realoading if anybody wants to help I have a post in that forum.

Nice site, lots of good activity and info. Wish I wasn't on dial up.
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