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Originally Posted by Carryabigstick
For a rifle that is so cheap to manufacture, it seems that they are quite expensive right now. Are the current prices a bit inflated from the election?
Sorry I missed your initial questions, I was not able to reply until the thread had already grown past the first page, and I meant to get to this one yesterday too.

Yes, the Obama threat to permanently ban "assault rifles" has inflated prices as with most semi-auto rifles, however, the prices on the PTRs were rising a couple of years before the election simply due to increasing demand as more people found out about them. What's interesting, and ironic, is that many people seem unaware that it was two Republicans, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., that were responsible for some of the worst infringements on the right to bear arms, in our nation's history, including permanent bans, yet so many "Republicans" are scared of Obama. Obama can't do any worse than Ronald Reagan and George Bush - both parties are corrupt.

Two years ago, you could buy a brand new PTR-91 for only $650! Over the last two years, the price has continued to climb, and is now double that.

Original H&Ks are selling for four times their original value, simply due to collector value. Even a basic HK-91 goes for about $3000 now. So, the H&K rifles have been a good investment too.

I suspect that if our politicians manage to pass more illegal arms restrictions, not only will they attempt to ban semi-auto rifles, but they will focus on the larger caliber semi-automatics, such as .308 and 50 BMG. So, any .308 or 50 BMG should be a good in investment in that regard.

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