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A site for Appleseed info?

See my sig.

As far as irons versus a scope... we don't care. As long as your sights can be adjusted in a precise, scientific manner. We'll work with ANY shooter/rifle combination on the line, but I will admit that we don't like rifles that have the gawd awful buckhorn rear sight: The type that has no consistent means of adjustment... like the stock sights on a 10/22, Marlin 795, Winchester 94 or similar rifle with that style sights.

Scopes, red dots, aimpoints, holosights, or quality irons are all welcome.

Quality iron sight manufacturers (aside from those sights found on Garands, M1A/M14's and AR's) include Lyman, Williams, Mojo and Tech-Sights.

Frankly... one of the most interesting things to see with a shooter on the line is him taking off his poorly made Chinese scope or aimpoint knockoff from his rifle and running the irons. And shooting better immediately.
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