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Amen! I would hate to see some of these people shoot a .308 bolt gun or, God forbid, a 12 gauge pump
Some of these people have .308 bolt guns, and 12 gauge shotguns, and 45/70 lever guns, and .338 bolt guns, and even .50 caliber bolt guns. I personally have had all of the above, although I sold the .50 and the .338 becaue I didn't shoot them enough. I am not recoil sensitive. I don't mind it one bit.

That being said, when shot next to the .308 semis (as mentioned earlier, I have owned PTR-91s, FALs, M1As, AR-10s, and shot them all next to each other) it is my opinion (once again, no scientific pressure gauges or anything were used, simply user feedback) that the 91 series has the most felt recoil. I don't find it to be bad, or horrible, or anything like that, only more than most other semi automatic .308s.
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