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Why hello there

I've been a gun hobbyist since the time I was about 10, learned to shoot at that time, just stumbled across The Firing Line the other day and figured what the hell.

My collection is currently totally defensively based, I've had a 2" SP101 (357 mag, DAO) by my bed for a while now, and just yesterday got a great deal on a used Benelli Nova for $200. Haven't gotten to shoot the latter yet, the former has about 700 rounds through it since purchased new, since the I've put in a lighter main spring (10pounds IIRC) and a Hogue grip. Once I take a class for CCW the Ruger will be my daily carry. The nova cycles rounds cleanly (and loudly, hehe), though it has some lateral freeplay in the fore end that I'm not entirely sure is normal, will have to strip it and give the innards a good once over.

A couple quick and dirty pics:

I have a TacStar mag extension for the shotty on order from Midway, I have it loaded with 3.5" Winchester 00 Buck, which is limited to 3+1 after I removed the limiter plug. I may head up out to put some rounds through it later today, it's my first shotgun . I'm thinking the stock may be a little long for me (6' tall), depending on how hard it hits my shoulder I may try to shorten up the recoil pad a bit. The gun is much lighter than I expected, almost to the point I suspect someone removed the mercury recoil tube in the stock.

Anyway, happy to be here, the friend that sold me the Nova has an SKS and a couple other long guns he's looking to sell, so I may pick up something a little less "defensive" and more "because I can" in the near future
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
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