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These mods have already been brought up. The question has already been asked, why bother, when you can buy a FAL or M1A, not have to do these mods, and still have a rifle that is just as reliable, just as durable, just as accurate (or at least accurate enough in the case of the FAL), better ergos and less felt recoil (by general consensus), and neat little bonuses like better sights (M1A) and a BHO? Still waiting on an answer...

And regarding recoil, we were speaking in relative terms here, comparing the G3 only to other battle rifles, and we are discussing felt recoil, which is subjective. Actual recoil is much easier to measure. I don't think many people would say the .308 out of an 11 pound rifle is unbearable, but compared to other battle rifles, it is not uncommon for people to feel the G3 recoils more. That doesn't mean it's a lot of recoil, and it is a battle rifle. It just means it has more.

Honest question here; how much does a HK91/PTR bolt weigh?
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