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Did the German GSG (Grenzschutzgruppe: special forces) use an identical version, of course fully automatic -("F")reiheit on the selector-when they were flown to Mogadishu in the late 70s, to liberate the passengers/crew on the hijacked Lufthansa 737?
When used by special forces, must not a weapon be very effective for its designated mission, even if partly selected based upon national pride? looking at Wikipedia for just a minute indicates how many countries ordered deployed them.

Still a novice with guns, If I could buy the ammo as cheaply as x39 or surplus .303 (one of my major hang-ups with guns), owning/shooting this rifle would be more rewarding than an AR in .223.

A guy who had trained with it in the German Bundeswehr some years ago let me shoot several rounds at a club range last winter in northeast MS. His rifle was marked with all three military selections: ("S")icher, ("F") and maybe ("E")inzelfeuer ?

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