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Common Questions on PTR-91/HK-91

Originally Posted by Carryabigstick
I have yet to shoot a ptr-91 but I really like what I see. I do not mind recoil so that isn't much of an issue. I also do not reload so the smashing of brass is not a biggy. What kind of consistency do these things maintain? Are they pretty reliable out of the box? Also, how much does it cost to have trigger jobs and other modifications done? Again, I love the looks and feel of them but I'm still trying to get some more info.
I just wanted to hit on a few topics that have been brought up, by not only you, but a few others too:

1) Recoil. Recoil is often exaggerated, especially by those used to shooting .223 or 7.62x39mm. Several years ago, some of the earlier JLD rifles came with different buffers which didn't reduce recoil as well. All PTR rifles now come with standard G3 buffers. As with most rifles, you can buy special or heavy buffers and butt pads:

As a .308, it is going to kick though, and the kick is longer than on an M1A. It's a matter of learning how to shoot it - you need a proper stance. Here's full auto firing of a .308 HK51, which is a G3/HK-91 cut down to only a 8.3" barrel - you would think this would be impossible to control, but notice the proper stance he takes - left foot forward, slightly leaning into it;

2) Brass. As far as brass, if you want to reload, there is a port buffer you can buy and a brass catcher. The port buffer will reduce damage to the brass, but it will still damage it more than other .308 rifles. The G3 rifle was simply designed for combat, not reloading.

3) Consistency and Reliability is very good. For the price, the PTR-91 is one of the best semi-auto .308 rifles right out of the box. The roller-delayed blowback design gives it unusually good accuracy for a semi-auto .308 and excellent reliability.

There are certain types of surplus ammo that PTR Inc. does not recommend though: South African, Venezuela Cavim, Austrian Hirtenberger, Indian, and Winchester white boxes marked 7.62.

Recommended surplus ammo is: Lake City, Argentine, Australian, British, Portuguese, Spanish, and Lithuanian.

And, PTR Inc. states that Remington and Federal American Eagle 150 grain FMJ work very well.

4) Trigger Work. Bill Springfield does trigger work for $55, which includes shipping:

"Trigger creep reduced up to 97%+, rough feel is smoothed out, pull weight reduced to about 4.75lbs from the factory 10 to 12 lbs pull. All trigger slack, take-up, and overtravel eliminated. $55. Only the trigger pack is needed"

5) Mag Release. As far as the magazine release goes, it is a little too far, but I can reach it with my trigger finger without releasing my grip on the rifle. I'm about average size at 6' 180 lbs and my hand is about 7.5" from the base of my palm to the tip of my middle finger. If your hand is smaller than that, then you would have trouble reaching the magazine release, and would have to take your hand off the grip. I'll take some photos and post them later.

However, you can install a Tac-Latch quick magazine release near the magazine for about $60:

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