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Depending on range set

I have CTC on my SP101. Because the laser is both below and to the right of the bore axis, it is only spot on at the range I have it set for. Right now, it's zeroed at 15 yards. This means I hit high and left by an inch or two at closer ranges, and low and right at farther ranges. Even so, I can put 50/50 in the silhouette torso at 25 yards with the CTC, which is not bad for a snubby.

That said, at closer ranges I'm more accurate with the iron sights, as they are near zero out to 25yds. I could adjust for Kentucky windage with the laser in close, but don't feel the need. The other thing is, while the laser is great to have in certain conditions, I have to use a modified grip to be able to actuate it - the curse of long fingers. For rapid, close in fire, I am not sure I could use it; it would probably flicker, as my finger moved on and off the button.

For anybody with weak eyes, the CTC is a definite bonus. I have somewhere between 20/15 and 20/20, and it still provides me with some potential benefit.

It also makes a great dry firing training tool. I've spent a lot of time with the SP, keeping the dot on a doorknob as I pull through full double action cycles. You get immediate feedback as to whether you are pulling the gun offline.

Of course, because it has the laser, that's the handgun I loaned my parents recently... not sure when I'll get it back. Crime is up in their area, so I'm in no hurry.
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