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GSUeagle1089, what are you so afraid of?

You have literally been trolling and bumping this thread right from the beginning, cheering on or making obvious troll posts such as;

1) "HK. Because You Suck. And We Hate You."

2) "Americans do guns best" - GSUeagle1089

3) Posting a 788px × 630px off topic image.

4) "Request to lock" - GSUeagle1089

5) And last but not least; "Maybe I'm just a stubborn, closed minded American, but I'm proud to be one." - GSUeagle1089

I would say you probably got that last one ^ correct!

How ironic of you to call me a troll.

Anyway, I ask again, what are you afraid of? Learning something new? Or just H&K in general?

Seriously, take a step back and look at your own posts in this thread.
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