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Well since we couldn't just let it die...

M16: Bolt. Extractor, extractor spring, extractor pivot pin, Ejector. Ejector spring/plunger, ejector roll pin, cam pin, firing pin, firing pin cotter key, bolt carrier (and gas key maybe). 11 parts, maybe 12 parts?

G3: Bolt, extractor, extractor spring, rollers (2) roller retaining plate, roller retaining plate retaining pin, locking piece, locking lever, locking lever pivot pin, locking lever spring, firing pin, firing pin spring, bolt carrier. 14 parts?
GSUeagle1089, the roller delayed blowback design has less moving parts than the M-16. You've got that backwards. The blowback design is also more accurate because the action is more direct and consistent, so you've got that backwards too.
= counting FAIL, smartwhois

More moving parts = less consistent = less accurate

I'll buy a $2500 match grade AR or M1A LONG before a stock PTR or $10k PSG1 any day.
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