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Soviet Armor importation?(It is NFA...right?)

Ok here is a little back story.

tonight me and a few buddies where talking about going off-roading and how we hate clearing the trails and also how we would like something that floats! so I made a silly suggestion, "we should just get a old piece of armor" so After a few laughs we got curious. so we googled "soviet armor" (because commie stuff is always cheap) and to our surprise we found a web site with soviet Jets, APCs, trucks and a T-55. And they where very reasonably priced (don't know the what shipping would cost).

But then we ran into a small problem...most still had a live MG's plus the main cannon.

Now we know the MG's are a Big No,no.....but what about the single shot breach loading 100mm cannon? Is it possible to own one with the Main gun live? can you legally get ammo? would it make us mall ninjas?

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