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However, regarding the design, you don't think the roller-delayed blowback design is superior to gas operation?
No. More moving parts = less accuracy and more things that can break. That's why the M16 family of weapons are so accurate and people aren't flocking in whordes to get piston ARs, blowback is more accurate and accuracy is the forte of the M16 family of weapons. Apparently this system also causes the rifle to recoil worse. So if I weigh the pros and cons of both:

Roller Delayed Blowback
Good for multiple types of weapons

Not as accurate as gas operation
Causes significantly more recoil

When in a combat setting, I can have a gun that is just as reliable (if not moreso) that recoils less and is accurate enough to make a kill out to 300yds or so, give me an AK, 7.62x39, 5.45x39, either will do. If my job is designated marksman, give me an M14.

If I'm shooting for fun or trying my accuracy at a civilian range, give me an AR15. More accurate, lighter, cheaper ammo, less recoil, easier on cases. The only thing the G3/PTR91 has on the M16/AR15 is that it is more reliable, which isn't too huge of an advantage if you just clean your M16 daily (at night, downtime etc.)

I don't see the M16 and AK-47 even competing with the .308s overall.
Overall? Sure the .308s may be much better than both at ranges past 500yds, but in an urban environment? Would you really like to have to clear a room with a G3 as opposed to an AK or M4? Even if you count the MP5 as a little G3 I'd still rather have an AK because it has better stopping power.

But different does not automatically mean better. Your rifle is different. That is all.
+1, this should be the end of it.
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