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Hello, everyone! I'm mid 60's old and have been involved with guns all my life. My Dad used to help me shoot his little .22 revolver when I was 6 or 7, and guns have been a part of my world since then. Shooting, hunting and guns in general have always been a significant thread in the history of my family since colonial times. My small collection includes a few guns that while they aren't really very valuable, are significant in the history of my family and our close friends- a working Charleville musket carried by an ancestor of ours who was in Washington's army; a .30 caliber carbine carried with Patton's army in North Africa; a .300 H&H Model 70 that took some record game in the Yukon more than a half century ago; a couple of High Standard automatics that went everywhere we went on fishing and hunting trips; a .30-30 Winchester that over the years has killed more than an entire herd of New York whitetails, one at a time; and so on. I grew up with them and others that I acquired over the years, and have enjoyed almost every aspect of firearms and the shooting sports. I'm not a hunter although hunting has been a tradition in my family since colonial times, so I have absolutely no argument with those that do hunt, as my father and all before him did. I shoot targets with rifles, handguns and black powder flintlocks; shoot trap; I handload most of the ammunition I shoot; I carve and inlet gunstocks and build flintlocks from parts (thank God for Dixie Gun Works!); I'm certified by the NRA and the Boy Scouts as a Shooting Sports instructor, which I thought might make a good post-retirement activity; I have a concealed weapons permit so I usually have something in my pocket wherever that's legal; and so on. I look forward to visiting this forum frequently and learning from the rich expertise of others.
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