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What type of gun is that on Wild?
A Winchester 21. When done it will be about $30-35K.

Here are some words from Jim, I know he is lurking here:

"The oak leaves on the fences took an entire day (and that was after I laid them out). The pattern comes from an original 21 pattern, and the scrolls match the size and spacing. However, the Kusmits were about third generation from Ulrich, and I simply could not do work as poorly as they did. They used a very simple open English scroll. This scroll is from an original Webley single shot rifle that I duplicated for a guy who started building them a few years ago. I liked the pattern enough that I have used it a couple of times, and I think goes well here. The pattern had a couple of standing birds on the receiver bottom, and a pointer and setter on the sides. The triggerguard also had a dog's head of similar size and fashion."

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