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I had one and sold it because of the short brass life. I cant afford to shoot factory ammo and a gun must be kind to brass. As to the recoil if you cant shoot a 10 lb 308 without wineing then youd best stick to a .22 rimfire. To me recoil was non existant in my 91. Accuracy too wasnt its strong suit. A good ar10 or m14 will outshoot one anyday. I did experience to case head seperations though. One with new commercial (WW) ammo and one with brass that had been reloaded twice before. It was easy enough to fix with a stuck case extractor and considering im not in a fight for my life didnt consider it a big deal. Personaly i prefer a ar10 hands down. there more accurate, at least as reliable and much easier to mount optics on and best of all MUCH CHEAPER
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