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gak, don't get me wrong, I still have a longing for a pre-64 Winchester. I probably will get one some day, but no matter what it's condition, I won't be able to be as care free about it as I am with my post-64 Winchester.

FWIW, a buddy of mine needed $250 at one time and didn't want a Norinco SKS rifle and the Winchester post-64 that he had and offered to sell them to me for $250. I would never consider buying either of these rifles, as they just aren't my thing. I sold the Norinco SKS (which was a late 1950's make) at a gun show and got my $250 back. I kept the Winchester 30-30 because I needed something like that to keep at a cabin I've got in the woods. It serves its purpose and I've got no money in it.
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