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For instance, in Florida or Georgia, I can shoot a BG who breaks into my home. I have no responsibility to retreat, and the burglary itself justifies the shoot.
Maybe, maybe not. Re-read Post #21 and the link to the law. If you have to shoot for self defense, you are justified and your burden of proof is reasonable, but that's different from shooting someone for the act of burglary in Florida.

In both states, I cannot be sued over a legally justified defensive shooting.
For some reason a lot of people seem to think that. It has more truth than the old legend about dragging someone into your house, but in Florida it is not accurate.

The court will issue a stay against a civil suit while you are under criminal prosecution, and in the event of a civil suit, proof of an unlawful entry can serve as a defense. That's a little different from "cannot be sued."

That's for Florida. You can check Georgia yourself.

Remember, on this forum posters aren't necessarily even in the US, let alone your state, so it's possible they can offer opinions that are legally and technically correct for them, yet way off base for you or me.
That is a very, very good point!
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