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Remember laws vary by state

For instance, in Florida or Georgia, I can shoot a BG who breaks into my home. I have no responsibility to retreat, and the burglary itself justifies the shoot. In both states, I cannot be sued over a legally justified defensive shooting. Note: in Florida's statute, burglary of a home is listed among violent felonies. This may be at least in part due to rising number of home invasions...

At the other end, in Massachusetts I remember a case where a woman heard somebody break into her home. She picked up the nearest heavy object, a kid's gumball machine, and when the intruder came around the corner, she hit him over the head with it. It killed him. DA charged her with manslaughter. I don't remember if she was convicted, but in MA you are required to retreat, even in your own home.

Remember, on this forum posters aren't necessarily even in the US, let alone your state, so it's possible they can offer opinions that are legally and technically correct for them, yet way off base for you or me.
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